At SuperMom's, we pride ourselves on staying current on the latest food trends. We are partnered with the industry's top culinary professionals working to bring our customers high-quality products packed with flavor. We work with a variety of customers who are looking for product innovation in both our classic and signature product lines.

We start by discussing with our customers what their objectives and goals are. We learn about their consumer's attributes and behaviors. Once we've established our customer's objectives, our culinary team gets to work on developing a selection of product creations.

All products are tested through our consumer sensory panel. Next, the product creations are thoroughly tested through our rigorous Quality Assurance process. For our hot foods, we ensure they will hold up through the Freeze-Thaw-Heat-Hold cycles. We also carefully test shelf life for each of our bakery and commissary product lines. For our extended shelf life products, we use a third party accredited laboratory for shelf life testing. Our team of qualified individuals uphold our highest food safety standards throughout the product innovation process.

Our customers are an active member of the development team throughout the entire process.